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Teal Simba

Lip Scrub Lip Plumper Lip Balm Exfoliating Anti-Ageing

Lip Scrub Lip Plumper Lip Balm Exfoliating Anti-Ageing

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100% brand new and high quality

Strawberry and Cucumber Extract Rich in nutrients,containing a variety of acid,vitamins and minerals,improve nourishing and moisturizing effect.

Effectively promote the body metabolism,have moiturizing and stretch the lips wrinkle effect

Suitable for Lips: Dry, Rough, Peeling, Dull Skin Around

Effects: Repair Dry, Stretch lines, Soft and Mois


Clean lips,with warm towel lips.

take a proper amount of lip scrub and smear it evenly on the lips.

Gently knead massage for one minute,soften the dead skin of the lips.

After washing the lips with warm water a proper amount of lip balm can be applied.


Product Name: lip scrub

Material: water, isononyl ester, PEG-7 glycerol coconut oil, hydroxy stearic acid, hydrogenated castor oil, hydrogenated (ethylene propylene / / styrene) copolymer, hydrogenated polyisobutylene, fruit extracts, spices.

Shelf life of products: 3 years

Suitable for people: skin care professionals

Net weight:10g

Package Included:

1 bottle Lip Scrub Cream

Do not send to overseas states/areas of USA. 

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