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OH Fashion Black Mink Magnetic Lashes + Liner Kit Avery - 3 Pairs

OH Fashion Black Mink Magnetic Lashes + Liner Kit Avery - 3 Pairs

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Step up your makeup game with a touch of voluminous fake eyelashes.  Our newly arrived

OH Fashion Magnetic Lashes Avery Kit are the real game changer. The Avery Eyelashes kit includes 3 gorgeous natural looking eyelashes with and specially formulated magnetic eyeliner and an application tweezer. Conveniently packed, they are light and easy to carry for all your fashion emergencies. Our eyelashes are made from faux mink hair and are super soft with the perfect length. They can be worn all day long and can easily blend with your natural eyelashes. In matte black and hand-knotted to achieve the best-looking results. The OH Fashion magnetic eyelashes are also vegan and cruelty-free

Now you can have the boldest and classiest eye look in just simply three steps:

  1. Apply our specially formulated magnetic eyeliner along with the shape of your eye
  2. Take the false magnetic lashes out and trim with the help of scissors if required
  3. Lastly, apply these lashes, and you are all ready to rock your day.

You can use the OH Fashion lashes 3X times as they are reusable, just clean them with hot water and let them dry



OH Fashion Magnetic Eyeliner Lashes Avery Kit, a multipack of 3 pairs of eyelashes

Premium material: faux mink hair in matte black to achieve the best results

Natural look: these synthetically made false eyelashes are designed to give your eyes a natural look

Professional false lashes: these gorgeous lashes are synthetically made from Faux Mink hair which gives them a dense, glossy look.

Comfortable to wear: their soft curly texture makes them easy to wear all day long

Vegan lashes: made of synthetic hair and cruelty-free

The Avery Kit includes: 3 pairs of luscious natural-looking eyelashes+ 1 magnetic eyeliner + 1 application tool.

Reusable: can be used up to 3 times if cleaned correctly lashes can be used up to 4X times.








Color: Black

Material: Mink

Style: Avery

Type: Magnetic Eyelashes Kit

Multipack: 3 Pairs of Eyelashes + 1 Magnetic Eyeliner + 1 Tweezer

What’s Included:

3 Pairs of Eyelashes + 1 Magnetic Eyeliner + 1 Tweezer


Applying your False Lashes

Read packaging instructions before applying your lashes

Carefully draw eyeliner line along with your eye shape, ensure the line is close to the roots of your real eyelash

Bend your magnetic eyelash band to make it softer and for it to adjust to your eye shape

Take the end tip off the magnetic eyelash hair with tweezers or your fingers and put it above your real eyelash before the eyeliner dries.

Gently adjust till the eyelash is perfectly applied


Removing your False Lashes

Put liquid makeup remover onto a cotton pad

Close your eyes and slightly press the cotton pad onto your eyelid. Make sure it spreads equally along the eyelash

Wait for one minute, then get the eyelash off

Clean up your eyelid and your fake eyelash so you can reuse it


Fake Lash Hygiene Tips

After taking off the fake Eyelashes clean any kind of dust particles from it gently.

Wash them with hot water.

Let them dry and use them again.


Stop Use

Stop use if eyes become red or irritated. For external use only. Do not apply on wounded or irritated areas. Keep closed after use. Avoid storing onto direct sunlight. Keep out of reach of children.
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